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Mirius to implement athletic thinking to reach new levels of success

Mirius to implement athletic thinking to reach new levels of success Athletic Thinking

Working to ensure their business is at the top of its game, Mirius partners with management consultants Athletic Thinking to become a high-performance organisation

Striving to continue their growing and flourishing business, Mirius will be working alongside Nick Johnston; Director of Athletic Thinking and the team, to offer bespoke high-performance coaching, interactive workshops and wellbeing programmes to Mirius’s leadership team and employees.By bringing an elite sports approach into a corporate environment and by embedding high-performance principles into the workplace, Athletic Thinking and Mirius hope to optimise performance, productivity and profitability across the board. In doing so, Mirius are confident that the company will continue to drive innovation within the industry and provide a valuable contribution to human hygiene globally.

Establishing themselves as pioneers in the manufacturing and supply of cleaning products, Mirius see this exciting opportunity as a chance to develop long-term growth and success and build on what has already been a monumental year.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mirius decided to commit its manufacturing facility to the production of Antiviral cleaning products, vital for healthcare providers in the fight against the spread of disease – developing, testing and supplying a consumer-friendly Antiviral surface disinfectant, Hycolin, in record time. This critical disinfectant, which has shown to be highly effective against coronaviruses* by independent laboratory tests, has allowed homeowners around the country to protect their households against harmful bacteria and viruses during a challenging and crucial time.

As one of the fastest-selling products in grocery since March 2020 and after selling millions of bottles in stores, Hycolin has introduced six new lines into the range, including Antiviral hand soap, floor cleaner, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, stainless steel & glass cleaner and a toilet cleaner.

Mirius’ partnership with Athletic Thinking aims to inspire employees throughout the company to adopt a new way of thinking, to improve their sense of worth, wellbeing, knowledge and allowing them to contribute to Mirius’ continued growth and development.

Darren Langdon, Commercial Director of Mirius said: “We are thrilled to be working closely with Nick and Athletic Thinking to develop our approach to business. By adopting new strategies, we believe that our already committed team of employees will continue to thrive and be capable of driving the future growth and expansion of Mirius.

Adding a human element to his strategy, Nick has been able to apply his elite sports approach to enhance the performance of people and businesses. Nick Johnston, Director of Athletic Thinking said: “We are thrilled to be able to form this partnership and offer a comprehensive performance and wellbeing package to Mirius. For a collective to be successful, every individual has to be engaged on multiple levels in a psychologically safe environment that nurtures development in a positive, constructive manner. 

“I hope that by working closely with Mirius we will be able to help them reach their goals to become a high-performing organisation, with effective leadership and stakeholder ownership across the business.” 

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