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Athletic Living

The performance sector meets the private sector

Do you truly know how healthy you are?

Do you know if your lifestyle is potentially harmful to your long-term health and wellbeing?

Would you like to know how to take back control of your health and lifestyle choices?

Our Athletic Living packages and interventions sees a highly qualified team of performance professionals with over 60 years of experience at the highest levels of elite sport bring their expertise into the private sector.

This is not your average ‘gym centric’ training programme. Our personally devised plans are tailored to your specific goals, are backed up with science, data and above all are delivered by performance professionals with impressive track records in improving all round sustained performance.

We provide both individuals and organisations with the tool kit that allows development and sustainable positive health and mental wellbeing which, in turn, enables individuals to take on the everyday challenges of work and life in today’s fast moving world.

Our holistic programmes provide all you need to optimise your health and wellbeing.

We have combined our extensive knowledge and experience into easily accessible tailored packages, that are carefully designed and underpinned with years of applied experience and are suitable for all ages and abilities to dramatically improve your health and wellbeing.

Choose below from our Train With Purpose packages for ages 18-55 or our Optimal Longevity packages for those in the 55+ bracket to find a personalised solution for you. We offer competitive rates for business and groups – get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Whatever your age or fitness level, our team of specialist performance coaches will be here to support and guide you every step of the way to ensure you stay on track and monitor your progress to achieve your goals.


Who is Athletic Living for?

Whether you are in your prime and want to ensure you remain fit and healthy or you feel you need to make significant lifestyle changes to be the best you can be, our Athletic Living packages can be tailored to your individual circumstances

Athletic Living Athletic Thinking

Train with Purpose (age 18-55)

Give your body and mind a sustainable boost

Athletic Living Athletic Thinking

Optimal Longevity (age 55+)

Keeping fit and heathy has never been so critical


Performance Team


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