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Athletic Schools

A School Wide Solution to Creating Bright Minds with Healthy Futures

Athletic Thinking is passionate about nurturing talent.

It is what we do best and we don’t think there is any better place to do this than directly with young people in our schools. And where better for young people to learn about sport, healthy living and striving for success than directly from elite sport performance professionals with collectively over 60 years experience.

In sport we are constantly looking for marginal gains. We implement the foundations to create a high performing environment to create a competitive edge over competitors. It is then that the marginal gains can be made. Our Athletic Schools programme will set your school apart from the rest.

Not only do we have unique access to identify and place talented individuals in specific roles in schools, we provide whole school methodology to enhance your schools overall offering.

We have a bespoke school wide approach, tailored to each school, making it inclusive for even the most reluctant student. We understand that what may work for one individual may not work with another. Our programmes are age appropriate and engaging.

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

“The team at Athletic Thinking started working with me when I was 15 years old. The principles that were part of my programme allowed me to develop my athleticism in a safe and effective way which allowed me to accelerate my ability to play at the highest level. Their professionalism is second to none”

Courtney Lawes

Northampton Saints, England, British and Irish Lions

Performance Team


Our Performance Team have vast experience working within athlete development support programmes and have routinely helped hundreds of young athletes progress and earn professional academy contracts, age group internationals and ultimately achieve full international honours.

Not only do our programmes improve their sports specific skills, they support the whole child. At Athletic Thinking we place our emphasis on the development of personal skill sets for a more rounded approach. We view school education as paramount and is the central pillar from which all our programmes flow. It is so important to work in conjunction with not only the student but also their parents and teachers to cover all the main influential elements in young peoples lives.

In conclusion, Athletic Thinking works on one of our key principles that by improving the individual you improve the team, which subsequently leads to a high performing organisation.

All our team have full enhanced DBS checks.

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking
ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

Our Programmes

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

Readiness to Perform

Taking Students from Classroom to Boardroom

The Readiness to Perform programme from Athletic Thinking is based upon real world experiences in the corporate and professional sport environment and sharing the many lessons learnt to help develop future leaders.


Our popular series of workshops have been tailored specifically for the school environment in an age appropriate manner and are delivered by professionals that have led and coached elite staff teams. The insights shared gives aspirational students the opportunity to learn from, share and cultivate ideas with industry leading experts. These workshop style small group sessions give students the opportunity to learn about pressured environments, role play situations and start to understand how to manage these challenges. Some of the lessons learned in these workshops are particularly beneficial come exam time.

Athletic Thinking’s Next Generation initiative will help students in the here and now to lay the foundations of future success. Students will learn how to better manage their time and week plans, how to stay mentally fresh and sleep well and how to support all of this with good nutrition and physical activity.

The Readiness to Perform programme can take students to inspirational venues across industry to ignite their imagination of what might be possible.

Some of the workshops the Readiness to Perform programme can offer include:

  • Benefits of a Growth Mindset Approach
  • Developing Consistent Performance
  • From Fear To Confidence
  • Avoiding Burnout and Developing Resilience
  • Workload Management and Balance
  • Managing Setbacks
  • The Importance of Sleep and Recovery

Athletic Living

A school wide initiative of healthy living

At Athletic Thinking we are passionate about healthy living for all and this is delivered through our Athletic Living programmes. We believe individuals should train with purpose, in a way that is appropriate for them now whilst also guiding them towards a healthier future; so much so that in fact we named one of our packages after it (The Train with Purpose Package).


The Athletic Living programme, which includes our Train with Purpose package, is a holistic approach to healthy living. It incorporates mental relaxation and recovery, a healthy diet and an understanding of nutrition, how to prepare for a session and physical activity and training based on the individual’s needs, aims and goals.

Mental relaxation sessions help students prepare for lessons and give them the tools to mentally recover at the end of the day. Nutrition infographics and meal plans give direct guidance about making the right meal choices to support both healthy living and academic progress. Training session plans give the individual the tools to move well, be physically competent and to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is an all inclusive programme with all forms of physical activity promoted. Session preparation and recovery tools help students to recover from the most challenging of days. Particular focus is placed on exam preparation.

Adaptable sessions and week plans that take into account education and extra-curricular activities will help those involved in the programme manage how all of this fits into their routine.

With our Athletic Living programme, we believe purposeful training should be available to all. We will work with all involved to find the most appropriate methods to get school wide delivery so everyone can enjoy the benefits of healthy living.

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking
ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

Athletic Performance


Athletic Thinking offers a comprehensive adolescent development solution with its Athletic Performance programme.

As a group of performance coaches, we thrive when working with aspirational athletes that want to make the most of their athletic talent. We believe in sustained success and our aim is to prepare the adolescent athlete physically and mentally for this at which ever level they wish to compete at.


Our combined experiences have shown us that without effective coaching, the developing athlete can often rush down the wrong path of short-term success, drawn to the methods you will often see at the end stages of performance. Our support programme gives adolescent athletes every chance of success along the way balancing the goal of maximising opportunities to develop and train and allowing the body the time it needs to adapt for long term success.

In practical terms, our athletic development specialists can work with your athletes on the following:

  • Developing physical literacy and competency through specific exercise prescription with ability for delivery through the interactive
  • Athletic Thinking app or in person
  • Nutrition reviews, education and meal plans based on food first principles
  • Methods of recovery and making the most of sleep
  • Healthy living principles and non-training day activities for a holistic approach to development
  • Training monitoring, testing and data analysis systems
  • All of this planned around making the most of the education opportunities the students have
  • Athlete parent workshops to provide support, answer training questions and dispel common training myths

Finally, the path to continued development is never linear. Our performance team can support the return to training and competition of a developing athlete that may have had a setback or injury.

The Performance Coaches at Athletic Thinking will work with the school to put in place short, medium and long term aims for the programme. We will then work with you throughout the year to ensure these aims are achieved.

Athletic Coaching

Knowledge transfer package for existing teachers and recruiting and placing new athletic development staff to make a difference every day.

Since its creation, Athletic Thinking has been coaching and developing people to give them solutions, high-performance principles and processes to be as effective as they can be and to develop those around them.


The coaching team are now bringing the Readiness to Perform programme to support those in the school setting. With teachers and coaches often coming from all areas of the school, practical inset workshops from Athletic Thinking will give these staff members the support they need to guide the athletic development of the students internally.

With an extensive network of professional coaches, Athletic Thinking can also place or recruit staff to work within schools to make a difference every day.

Finally, we can help your staff team across the school to find new and inventive ways of working together with bespoke workshops and one to one Performance Coaching where appropriate.

Our Athletic Coaching programme gives the opportunity to empower current staff, create wellbeing champions to grow positive cultural change and develop or appoint athletic development specialists.

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

Proud to be working with...

Our School Offerings Menu

Schools can make the programme bespoke to their needs; some suggested topic areas are listed below

  • Strategic high performance reviews and recommendations
  • Advice on the implementation of the key foundation pillars required when creating a high performing environment
  • Senior management leadership programme
  • Practical coaching inset and workshop sessions
  • Teacher development workshops
  • Parental education workshops
  • Developing a healthy school population via the Athletic Living programme
  • Avoiding burnout – creating the balance
  • Developing resilience
  • Physical Competency and Literacy assessments
  • Beginning and End Stage Performance Testing
  • Musculoskeletal and functional movement screening screening
  • Exercise prescription via Athletic Thinking App from performance coaches
  • Athletic Development sessions with student athletes from performance coaches
  • Nutrition and immune function awareness programme
  • Recovery and regeneration protocols

Success Stories

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

Will Hooley

Fly Half; Northampton Saints, Exeter Chiefs, Bedford and Saracens, USA Eagles, Rugby World Cup 2019

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

Courtney Lawes

Northampton Saints, England, British and Irish Lions

ATHLETIC SCHOOLS Athletic Thinking

George Furbank

Full Back; Northampton Saints and England, Calcutta Cup Winner 2020

“These performance coaches are highly skilled professionals and I have directly witnessed the positive impact they individually and collectively bring to environments. I cannot think of any better team to be working directly with schools to get the best out of students and staff and to enhance a school’s wellness and performance offering. A fantastic selection of programmes I would hope to see in all schools. Knowing this experienced team was working with talented individuals would certainly increase appeal”.

Dusty Hare – Rugby Talent and Development Manager


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