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Athletic Thinking Preseason: Rugby

The team at Athletic Thinking have over 60 years of coaching experience at the highest levels. The coaches have developed junior athletes and senior professionals as well as working with current championship, premiership, international and British and Irish Lions players.

This 12-week rugby specific preseason programme will help you to build your training in a progressive manner with the appropriate rest and recovery to make sure you adapt to the training programme.

The 12-week programme is broken down into 3 meso cycles with each session designed to make sure you thrive in your training.

This really is a programme developed by world class professionals designed to help you be the best you can be.

Athletic Thinking Preseason: Rugby Athletic Thinking

The programme incorporates the following aspects of training:

    • Strength
    • Size
    • Power
    • Speed
    • Field Conditioning
    • Functional Fitness
    • Nutrition Plans
    • Additional sessions for those that have time for extra training
Athletic Thinking Preseason: Rugby Athletic Thinking
Athletic Thinking Preseason: Rugby Athletic Thinking

Every detail of your preparation has been covered including:

    • Warm-ups and preparation for training
    • Strength and power development
    • Speed and change of direction training
    • Rugby specific field conditioning
    • Sessions to build a robust and resilient body and prevent injuries
    • Specific recovery and regeneration sessions
    • Nutrition guidelines and meal plans to help you fuel and recover between sessions
    • Loads of bonus materials to help you get the best out of this 12-week programme…

Detailed 12-week schedule broken down into 3 specific 4-week blocks that are progressive and varied all delivered to your mobile phone.

Video demonstrations and hundreds of coaching cues to make sure your technique is perfect

The programme is based on our training app so you have it with you all of the time with our own coaching demonstrations for every exercise and drill. Each month you will be assigned your next block of training on the app.

Sign up below and we will register you on our training app so you can get started.

Cost: £99 - full programme and app access for 3 months.

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