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Elite and Sub Elite Packages


committed to your success

Our pedigree of sporting success at Athletic Thinking is unrivalled in the private sector.

We thrive when working with athletes that are committed to having the highest of ambitions regardless of their current development and performance level.

Whether you need accurate exercise prescription based on your current levels of strength & fitness or you are looking for a programme of athletic development to incorporate all aspects of your training we have a package and solution for you.

As a group of coaches, we have pushed ourselves professionally to learn from the absolute best across all sports and we are here to utilise these methods, along with our own, to help you realise your potential.

We understand that the performance environment is constantly evolving, and we are at the forefront of offering best practice and customised solutions to fit your busy lifestyle.

If you are currently side-lined with an acute or long-term injury, our team of specialist coaches can maximise everything you can currently do and can fully map out your return to competition.  Having worked with a number of high-profile professional case studies, we have the experience and coaching expertise to make sure you come back better than you were prior to the injury.

We will be here to support and guide you every step of the way to ensure you stay on track and monitor your progress to achieve your goals.

Choose from one of our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages below or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Main features of the Elite and Sub-Elite Packages


  • Full access to our interactive Athletic Thinking app with all of your workout plans, advice and support downloaded to your device to access on the go
  • Target driven exercise programmes that meet your ability and goals
  • Customised nutrition plans to suit your specific performance objectives
  • The opportunity to delve deeper into your athlete profile including blood testing, detailed nutrition support, sports specific performance assessments, strength & power dynamometry, body composition analysis, speed & endurance analysis, MSK screening
  • On-going expert advice on how to support your training including nutrition support and best practices for recovery, free check-ins and bonus materials
  • Access to our specialist team of performance coaches and a wider network of support staff with both virtual and in person training options
  • Mentoring to support your on-going performance development including performance lifestyle management and managing your work and training

(*depending on package)


Choose the right package for you....


Our most cost effective package


per month

  • Online athlete questionnaire
  • Athlete specific training schedule
  • Access to Athletic Thinking app with sessions on your device
  • High quality videos, coaches notes, meal plans and bonus materials accessible on your mobile device
  • Nutrition guidelines to support your training
  • Rest day, recovery and activity guidelines and sessions
  • Regular updates and notifications including bonus workouts, recipes and tips to enhance your athletic development


For value and best results


per month

  • Full and extensive online athlete questionnaire
  • Field and gym based fitness testing to establish your baseline and set targets
  • Athlete specific training schedule based on questionnaire&testing results and existing training&lifestyle commitments
  • Access to Athletic Thinking app
  • High quality video, coaches notes and technical support all available via your app
  • Monthly telephone or virtual meeting with your Performance Coach to review your programme and keep you on track
  • Food diary analysis and review
  • Targeted Nutrition Plans based on your food diary and goals
  • Supplementation advice and guidance based on your training schedule and goals
  • Rest day, recovery and activity guidelines and sessions
  • Advice and guidelines on methods for monitoring your training and recovery
  • Regular updates and notifications including bonus workouts, meal plans, recipes and tips to enhance your athletic development
  • Online chat and support features via your app


Specifically tailored to requirements


  • Full and extensive online athlete questionnaire
  • Deep dive comprehensive field and gym fitness testing to establish baseline fitness levels and areas for development
  • Access to laboratory based fitness assessments including strength and power dynamometry, body composition analysis and field based assessments of speed and endurance
  • Virtual or in person consultations with your Performance Coach to review your testing data and establish areas for development and targets
  • Access to MSK screening with physiotherapist including advice on injury prevention and return to play protocols if injured or rehabilitating from injury
  • Athlete specific training schedule fully integrated into your existing training commitments
  • Weekly virtual or in person Strength and Conditioning session with an Athletic Thinking Performance Coach
  • Comprehensive nutritional review including, food diary analysis and individualised meal plans to suit your goals
  • Blood analysis to check your internal health and identify any nutritional deficiencies
  • Advice and guidance on GPS data collected and monitoring of training load
  • Advice and guidance on Velocity Based Training to ensure you are optimising your strength and power development
  • Virtual or in person exercise technique and movement analysis
  • Comprehensive lifestyle management assessment investigating work-life balance with recommendations for improvement
  • Monthly virtual or in person Personal and Professional Development meeting each month to support your Athletic Development programme and move forward with your chosen career pathway


Performance Team


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